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We have four certified arborists on staff, four bucket trucks with over 55 feet of reach, tractors and stump grinders. In short, we have the people and equipment to take care of any tree care job, regardless of the size. Our certified and experienced team is here to help you.

Desert Maintenance

We will watch for common desert-related issues, such as:

  • Climate injury due to heat, wind, or lightning: Trees will have obvious breaks or dead patches in these extreme weather conditions. If the problem remains untreated, the entire tree will die.
  • Moisture imbalance: Your tree will wilt and yellow if it gets too much or too little water, and it will eventually die.
  • Diseases: Brown, sickly-looking spots will appear on the bark. The leaves usually yellow as well. Diseases often take a long time to kill a tree, but it will look unattractive until then.
  • Insects: Insects eat leaves, lay their eggs on the undersides of leaves and branches, and often infect the tree. The tree will look sickly for a while, but the insects will eventually kill it.
  • Overgrowth into septic tanks, pipes, driveways, and sidewalks: Your pavement will crack, your septic tank will smell, and broken pipes may flood your yard.
Desert-tolerant tree selection and design

We know which trees grow best in the desert. If you want a low-maintenance tree, ask us about this service.

Planting and relocation

If you planted a tree too close to the sidewalk or street, we can move it for you so you avoid damage to your driveway or pipes.

Trimming, pruning, and removals

If your trees’ roots invade driveways, septic tanks, and other important features, we will remove them for you before the damage spreads. If we prune the tree and regulate its growth, we can help you avoid this problem completely.

Stump removal

Stumps detract from the elegance of your yard, and they might create a safety hazard. Let us remove them for you.

Fertilization services and custom-blended fertilizers

Desert soil doesn’t always have the nutrients that trees need. Our fertilizers will give your trees those nutrients so that they can grow healthy and strong in our climate.

Disease, insect, and mite treatments

Invaders of any kind make trees look unattractive, and they prevent trees from producing healthy fruit. Our treatments will keep your trees strong, beautiful, and healthy for years to come.


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